Winter light enters apartment, illuminating pale skin, perking flower petals, glistening water glass. Beethoven Piano Trio in B flat Major “Archduke”. Convey dispair, solitude, cold. The light stirs movement, rebirth, regeneration of thought and action. Woman removes sweater after pulling back the curtain to let sunlight burst across the bare floor. She touches her skin, rolls her neck, etc. The movements are as in a dance, faintly reminiscent of ballet but less controlled, subtle but free. She clings to the window, to get as close to the warmth as she can. Basking in the rays she turns and looks outside over the cement sidewalk, the empty buildings, vacant from economic unrest. They are big, beautiful and empty. Grey, but turning yellow in the light. Camera takes opposite stance, looking at woman’s face in window. Her hands are placed against the glass. Camera slowly zooms out to reveal every window, occupied by another resident who is also hands-up against their window frame. The entire building is filled with solitary beings, who unwittingly share this moment of light.

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