dmitry hskov wants to build human avatars by 2045.

the scariest thing about the possibility of machines as humans and the melding of virtual reality with physical reality is that by programming awareness into machines, awareness of things like heart-pulse discrimination and definitions thereof, the machine in fact becomes more attune to sensory communication than humans themselves. at least more than humans are accustomed to using these days. in the midst of creating robots, we are also numbed by their development, as seen through the effects of their media-driven counterparts, efforts focused on consumption and capital. None of this asks us to use our core sensory intuition as it was intended. we ignore our feelings (minus derivatives like greed perhaps) and push them further and further away until we can no longer access them. so, by training ourselves to ignore our fundamental capabilities, to eliminates their value and in turn teach machines this kind of cognizance, we are in fact killing our race.

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