space team to a nearby moon. expedition called for a 2 month study but time passes slower on this moon so returning to earth would be 1.5 earth years later. grant approved evil duo in charge of the mission, secretly planning to make copies of the small 10 person team. they want to create a mechanized body that colonizes the moon and build power so they can take over earth. once i learned of their scheme, i kept trying to escape, late at night in the eery green glow of the forest, out a large circular cement window and down a gravel path through lined by hyper green trees and moving shrubs, black sky. i had to report back to earth. gravity did not restrict me as much- my movements were freer once i understood myself. catching the last bubble port back to earth, i floated above the planet, in transit and in between two worlds, feeling both serene and panicked at once for what was and what to come.

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