Awesome, bizarrely light but with a lot of character that could stand up to anything: fish, meat, pasta, or on its own. I walked into a friend’s wine shop (Wine Bottega) and found this, drank it at home quietly next to plants and a lamp. The next week at the routine 3 Blind Wines, it was the mystery glass that I guessed, then scratched out and put Nebbiolo. It couldn’t be an obscure wine from Liguria, right? Lesson in progress- it’s not always easy to trust your instincts.

Liguria- where is it anyway? I often confuse it with Lombardia. In fact, although they’re close on the map, Liguria is the coastal region in north-western Italy, where Genoa is the capital. It also encapsulates Cinque Terre, so all in all an area I’d really love to explore.



So, new system for remembering the difference between the two:

LiGuria => Genoa

LoMbardia => Milan

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