Smelled like Dunkin Donuts standard coffee (with cream and sugar) gone cold. Weird, right? It freaked me out. Tasted like a barnyard nickel…in the good way.

I have a feeling that this is what people think of when they hear Cabernet Franc. This is great, and they should. But  in comparison to a few crazy ones I’ve had (see Russiz Superiore and Clos Rougeard), this was mild mannered and kind of boring. There’s nothing wrong with having something that doesn’t require all of your concentration, especially if you’re in the mood for good table wine. I could drink this happily every day. Just don’t drink this thinking “this is Cabernet Franc in a nutshell”. So far in tasting, this grape has been incredibly diverse depending on the producer and region it came from. So, a nut is only as good as it’s shell, but a shell unbroken is a nut inexperienced. Find the nut, find the shells!

a nut inexperienced

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