Sherry wearing a honeysuckle hat while reading essays on existentialism. From an under appreciated area (Jura) often mislabeled as Burgundy, this, ladies and gentlemen, is unusual and lovely. Everything I’ve had from this region is delicate and unique, but this was a special treat as this was hard to import, had limited availability, and is temperamental.

Jura never makes me feel like I “should know what I’m drinking” as many people tell me when sipping a Burgundy or Bordeaux- as if my brain’s supposed to convince my sense receptors that I enjoy it when I just don’t, because of it’s hype. It goes without saying that it’s hard to appreciate something unfamiliar or hard to locate without having some experience searching. So is drinking wine from Jura, which can really open you up if you’re able to taste the subtleties. If not, but you like it anyway, good for you. If not, try again after the rose has burned a hole through your esophagus.

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