The third in a 3 Blind Wine tasting, this was my red balloon.


Some of my favorite wines come from this subregion in the Loire, Chinon. Always boasts good character and subtle differences depending on who made it, sometimes tasting more of smoke, pete moss, rhubarb, or granite. But dirt. There’s always that grounding soil taste (NOT terroir) which keeps it in the barnyard. I love finding the elegance in farmy wine. It’s an incredible balance- like the combination of modern design and nature….just really gets me.


My natural inclination was confirmed while in Paris recently- it’s everywhere. Maybe Parisians are looking for a taste of the countryside to feel a quick escape from the city. One thing is for sure: a glass pour of Chinon is awesome because you know it will have more character than a Burgundy, is cleaner than a Bordeaux, not over-saturated like a Rhone, and has more depth than a Beaujolais.

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