Chinon “Les Debonnaires”, Luc Sebille, Domaine Carroi Bon Air, 2011


Saw this bottle at my favorite wine cave (La Buvette) in Paris over the winter, and thought I wouldn’t have the chance to try it until I made it back across the Atlantic. But thanks to the wave of independent wine importers taking over the Northeast, we are no longer in the dark about what Parisians are currently favoring. Beyond that, we’re also getting a huge amount of exposure to the natural wine producers of France, Italy, and Austria. With every delicious new bottle carried by trusted wine shops, restaurants and wine bars, the market is expanding and the demand increasing. This is great news, because ultimately it means people are getting a better grasp on their sense of taste!

Luc Sebille drew the labels by hand and were printed in limited quantities, so the same wine may also look like this:







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