Le Château de Mercuès, 2000






I’m not normally a big Malbec fan. Having had my fair share of Argentine wine growing up, I became decidedly against not just the grape, but the relentlessly bold style. This wine made me reevaluate; because once again, time and place are everything, and such is the case for appreciating wine. First of all, the French have a totally different approach to Malbec than the Argentines, generally letting the wine sit longer in the barrel to develop a deep, rich and evolving character that is powerful, yes, but not whiplash. The vines too, are much older. This Chateau Mercuès was super energetic and made me want to eat lots of red meat, but I never got that rubbery tongue sensation as before. Do you know it? It’s almost like rubbing menthol on your tongue and then trying to taste or ingest anything else- it sucks. Anyway, I would summarize this wine as a graceful powerhouse. Maybe it was the addition of the Merlot, maybe it was the company, but I definitely would have it again.

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