Fratelli Alessandria, “Speziale” Pelaverga Verduno 2013


Pelaverga is a lovely, rare grape indigenous to Piedmont. Thin-skinned and delicate, its finicky nature probably keeps it from blowing up as a super-popular, over grown grape in Italy or elsewhere. But it has deliciously subtle fruit and hidden complexity. It does well served with a slight chill and then allowed to come to room temperature. As it warms, the taste transforms from something similar to a Trousseau or Pineau d’Aunis to more of a Burgundy Pinot Noir. It really doesn’t have the tannic structure or earthiness of Nebbiolo, another indigenous grape to the area that I would otherwise liken it to, but I would still be curious to see what would happen if this grape were aged in old oak.

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