It’s a good idea to revisit things you’ve had in the past with a fresh perspective. Travaglini was one of the first “fancy” bottles of wine I tried as a 22 year old bartender at a coffee shop. Since I’ve been doing “Nebbiolo Un-Cut”, a study on the grape when it’s not Barolo or Barbaresco, I’ve learned a lot about its range, and now I see that Gattinara grapes in northern Piedmont are totally different than the discarded Barolo grapes in Langhe. The character is piney, grippy, but in a way, more vertical & narrow. I like it, but this bottle wasn’t my favorite expression. It didn’t seem to understand itself completely- not sure how else to say that. Kind of like a teenager trying to impress their date, wonders “should I wear makeup, perfume, or change my shirt?” without realizing they’re best just being themselves. Best guess- it was an off vintage?

A+ for the bottle shape though.

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