Alain Castex (Llauro, Roussillon)

Toulousien => Corbieres => Banyuls


Amphora White (experimental) : Macabeau, Grenache Blanc, Vermentino. Fermented & aged in amphora, pressurized sur lie, no maceration.

Escampette (red): Grenache Gris, Syrah, Carignan, Mourvedre, Grenache Noir. 100+ yr old vines for most. Steel tank, racked once. From clay with deep roots. 5-6 day maceration before pressing.

Rosé: millefeuille style! incredibly floral. Macerates several white grapes then adds reds and presses quickly after fermenting to get color. Then adds more reds to increase color.

  • Bottom layer (day 1): muscat, muscadelle d’alexandrie
  • Middle layer (day 2): grenache gris
  • Top layer (day 3): syrah, carignan, mourvedre

Ezo: petit carbo 3 jours, syrah, un petit souris

a removed ppl on an island off Japan

“Au climat, au l’eau, parce que ci, parce que ce la…”

Le Fermage- farm vineyards that don’t belong to you

Magician, incredible sense of balance in wine (and in cuisine), huge hands and long arms, very quiet voice, humble abode with low key incredibly refined palate, loves abstract art and mid 60s jazz, soul, classical, rock plays on record player. lots of books.

“when you remove the skins, that is the moment you know whether or not your wine is good. aromas express so much”.

***ESCA = mushroom that eats/kills vines


  1. La Petit Moustache
  2. Un Souris
  3. The Herd

WINE STYLES (according to Camille)

  • reductive (VA)
  • oxidative (MALO)
  • ballerina (BALANCE)

*no rain, no weather => no VA (0.98 is vinegar)

*compost RESTRUCTURES & NOURISHES the soil (potassium, phosporus and nitrogen) vs. fertilizer FEEDS the soil = il faut mettre les deux

*if no nitrogen in soils, no fermentation. you must rebuild it every year

Dinner: oysters, Jacques Lassaigne Montgieux Blanc des Blanc Extra Brut, Comte (from Tissot), petit saucisson,  and a dish of carrots, potatoes and sweet sausage turned to gold WTF.

Woke up early next morning to do some pruning in the vineyard site for Grenache…

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