Axel Prufer (Berardieux, Languedoc)

Les Temps Des Cerises

entre Severene et Montaigne Noir

it was a very rainy day so we could only drive up the mountain and get out for a couple minutes. we got drenched. 450m altitude, vines en gobelet, calcaire, quartz, argile, marl blue, corraille (?).

genet, myrte, laurel

carignan, grenache, cinsault, chardonnay

Chardonnay: dolomite schists/calcaire, 35yr old vines (same for all Prufer’s vines, planted at the same time). etoiles in the soil of 15yr Chard

cuveé of vendange tardive + chardonnay jeaune

carignan, cinsault & grenache: cuveé fermented together, reductive on nose but delicious! no problem

ENERGGYYYY in all wines, linear progression in vines and cuveés, clean, good character

*compost throughout all vines soil in October

*puts belladonna in each bottle to calm system/fever when necessary

“there is no definition for natural wine- it is a way of life”

“vinifaction for me starts after maceration”

*oxidative yeast = the STINK



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