Jeff Coutelou (Puimisson, Languedoc)

“first year, the wine makes the barrique, the next years the barrique makes the wine”

for Jeff it’s easy to excel in range, oxidative, full rich reds, bright whites, vinaigre, incredible savoir-faire, technique TOP. he knows the end result when he looks at the grape.

la PIQUETTE: vin illegal, marc + water refermented!!! 5% abv

2016 blanc: grenache gris, muscat au petit grain, sauv blanc, macabeu. energie, elevage en bas

carignan blanc: malo sur graffé en cenanne 15 yrs?? energiiee

muscat a pt grains: tannin, aroma -> grappe entiere en maceration for 1 month

macabeu: en barrique de bourgogne de chardonnay YUMM

cinsault 5S0: steel tank fermented cement elevage

merlot: some skins & stems

grenache: en epoxy, arome without structure or body fermented 5 jours 😦

syrah: en epoxy, aroma, tannin fermented 5 yrs grapes were wet at harvest

syrah & cinsault: en cement, malo => lactic acid, fizz YUMM

“you look for what you want and thats what you do, nothing else”

grenache a la garrigue #3: YUMMMM

“im not about feeding the masses, but im not a masochist either”

plants, trees, flowers (rose bushes) to create biodiversity around vines every year.

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