La Ferme du Vert (Duras, Gaillac)

Jerome Galaup

local dialect: Occitane

“ecouter les vieux, mais pas trop…” (referring to them throwing 5 kilos of copper in the vineyard, but also generally)

Les Gresignol (surrounding forest)

Soil: “L’Amoreuse” because it sticks and cakes, a compact red clay, needs to be flipped in Nov after harvest

we took a handful of clay and formed a square, put it next to the fire overnight and it baked all the way through. he made the floor tiles for his family’s cabin out of the same clay.

he leaves the weeds because the help de-compact the soil. grass is knee high by harvest. he designed this machine to go between the rows and cut the high grass before november.

Petit Amoreuse: muscadelle, 2g sulpur ajoute, plein d’aroma & body (sept harvest)

Amoreuse: 2008 doux, digestif 110g resid sugar but very high acidity, better than sauternes, botrytis mauzav grapes near river where there’s more humidity (nov harvest)

Lou Gresignol: 2004 l’enfant de la grésignol (forest near house), Marzac 20%, Muscadelle 40%,  Loin de L’Oil (“L’En de L’El) 20% ALL SAME PARCEL

Dinner was several courses of greens and cheese, the dish pictured above which was a stew with veal and pasta. the bricks in the wall around the fire are made from the clay around the property. jerome built their house last year.

Lou Rosato: 2015 light color but deep fruit, gentle acidity, Duras parcel, same as Cado Tsoun, whole cluster fermentation

L’Angelou: 2010 fresh, lees, life, excellent ageing potential Mauzac 100%

Cado Tsoun: 2010 “chaque jour”, Duras parcel, de stremmed, 10 day ferment, removes juice then presses the must again. stemmy, malo unfinished still

Aqui Lou: “here it is”, Prunelat, Braucol (for cab/merlot lovers), intense, dark, almost VA on nose, open tank ferment in oct, elevage 10 mois en cuve a l’air

N’ia Pas: second spontaneous fermentation, L’Angelou but without bubbles Mauzac 100%Best apple pie I’ve ever had!!!! Made by Nathalie 🙂



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