Le Petit Domaine de Gimios (Saint Jean de Minervois)

Anne Marie et Pierre Lavaysse (minervois, but Vin de Pays)

Cuvee d’amie 2016: “rouge fruit”, aroma, huile de lavande, herbes, wood smoke. traditional vinification, higher abv?

2016 was a very high yield

carignan, mouvedre, grenache, cinsault, alicante, terrette b/g/r

stems will disappear, still en elevage

expose sud

muscat a petit grains -20yr old vines, 2.5 hectares, wild leeks in vineyard

La Garrigue- calcaire, quartz entiere, plants, nitrogen after harvest (cereals)

bought 1 hectare around his vines to preserve and guarantee natural enviroment and encourage biodiversity

very high quality brush (can’t remember what they called it) selected and sold for hearth fires

No sulphur added

thyme, citron, calendula, genet

1865 vines => pre phylloxera

Vielles Vignes Rouge: 13% equilibre, balance, tannin douce, herbes, some acidity, savory

Muscat Sec: fennel, salt, calcaire, mineral, mild filtration

Muscat Demi-Sec: moelleux, deep yellow, petit petillant YUMMM orange blossom, essential oils. 2 week fermentation, cold stop, removes gros lees to avoid bacteria

Petillant Blanc Sec: canteloupe, melon, honeysuckle, 2 fermentation, harvest late August, cold stabilization, 1-2 rackings, bottled immediately after, referments in bottle (methode ancestrale)

Muscat Doux: nutmeg, orange rind, clove

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