L’Ostal (Puy-Leveque, Cahors)

Louis & Charlotte Pérot

Experimenting with everything from grape varieties, assemblages, maceration times and labels/cuveés (changing every year)

New vineyard site in the works…freshly plowed vineyard site

lots of sand and red clay in this areapre-dinner glass, with the book that inspired Louis to make wine

everyone takes a walk in the old vines through the woods

“Regain”: L’autour (parcel), Duras égrappe (destemmed), giner, gentle acidity, pique, mostly morning forest

2nd L’Autour: same but north facing, maceration & harvest 1 week later

“Baron”: carbonic maceration Malbec ^^^

“Les Trilles”: merlot egrappe 13.5% 0.8 VA buoyant, 1 month maceration^^^^

“Spoon River”: Cøt egrappe 50%, Merlot grappe entiere 50%, 7 days maceration. smells like peonie brine??? nose a little closed but good grip on palate…open up in 6 months?

“Plein Chant L’Ostal”: savory nose, liquorice, herbes, 12%, Malbec fuisse, 3 weeks maceration, gentle pumpover

“La Chouette”: 2015 Merlot, grappe entiere, maceration by foot

“Plein Chant”: Malbec 2013 de grappe, slightly oxidized nose, fruit is dissapearing, tannins soft and present

“Anselme”: 2014 jamon serrano nose, Malbec egrappe, maceration & fermentation in barrel, good acidity, flips barrel, pops top off, labor intensive

home made playdoh carrots!!

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