Patrick Corbineau (Bourgeuil, Loire)

Blanc ’99: shiitake, melon, salt, resin

Rosé: cab franc

Blanc de Chenin ’07

Rosé: Grolleau, yeast, copper, umami, mineral, milk chocolate, open top grappe entiere then 1.5 yr in foudre

Blanc ’15: stinky, prickly, sugar still fermenting!

Blanc: Sauvignon Blanc, shared cuvée (made with Lawrence), prickly, aromatic, vignes de Stephane

Cab Franc ’15: conquette, fresh, wiry, bright, good structure

Croix Fourcelet ’15: Cab Franc tiny reduction, tannin, deep fruit aroma, epice, dense

Chenin “A” ’15: fruit de føret, pine, fraicheur, roses ^^^^ (soil = argile vert)

Chenin Experimentale/Nouveau: a little “l’oiseau” (VA)

“it’s necessary to have some VA especially in Cab Franc (not Pinot or lighter grapes)”

Chenin ’14: earthy, mineral, vegetal, fruit du føret, de Fouchet (parcel)^^^

Cab Franc ’09: from parcel Epiciere, indian spices, concentrated, brambly

La Cumelle: parcel, not made anymore, higher acid, bright fruit

Cab Franc ’09: Classique, delicieux

Cab Franc ’05: MAG, pressed after 2 days, bottled 2016, later harvest, really good vintage so no risk of rot


*06,07,08,13 bad vintages in Loire


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  1. David Clark Avatar
    David Clark

    That cave mold is incredible!

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