All’s Well in Paganland Nouveau: Peeping the Alter-Native

In this era of thinly veiled aesthetics, lily pad hopping on a return to our roots rebranded as artists, we applaud ourselves for asking questions and posing with our monetized domesticity. But how sustainable is this new wave of environmentally conscious credo? Are we aware of the hypocrisy of not concerning ourselves with its longevity?

Paths of Resistance in the French Pyrenees

Eighty years after my great aunt fled Nazi Germany, I found myself retracing her footsteps in the French Pyrenees. As part of an underground network in the International Resistance, she was on a wanted list which meant she was constantly moving from place to place.

Losing to Win

Berlin on a Tuesday afternoon in February 2021. Although it’s snowing, people trudge to the nearby Turkish market for produce, … More