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Ameztoi Stimatum, Getariako Txakolina, 2012


Fun wine with a bizarre personality. Light, refreshing red with bright acidity and intentional effervescence. A little yeasty although very juicy dark berries take care to even out the balance. This is great picnic or afternoon wine for when you’re sick of whites, rosés or light reds and want something with fruit but super dry.

Jean-Pierre Robinot, L’Ange Vin, Les Vignes de Fêtembulles, 2012


Another stunner from Loire legend Robinot. This guy lives natural wine- he listens to the grapes as they ferment, loving and caring for them every step of the way. You can taste it in the bottle; no two are exactly alike (outside or in) and possess such incredible character, or actually…ATTITUDE. I really would love to see him in action and hear what he thinks about wine making. But for now, getting to know him through Chenin Blanc natural bubbles.

Boissieu “Granit” Brut Nature, Reserve de Lavernette

Until now the only Blanc de Noir I’ve had was made from Pinot Noir, so when I saw this it had to be tasted. This Brut Nature is made from 100% Beaujolais Villages Gamay grapes in the Mâcon region of Burgundy. It’s extremely light, dry, and bizarrely echoes the purple fruit of Gamay although it’s nearly clear in colour. Overall I wanted it to have more character, be more expressive- it was pretty “airy” and a little sour. Still, it was a cool new bubble to try, and went really well with brunch. 


NV Pere Mata Priorat Cupada n.12

For a while I stopped sipping Cava. And then I had this at a local favorite of mine, Hungry Mother, craving something light and refreshing: the bubbles are appropriately sized so no incessant hiccupping! Also, instead of tasting like lemon flavored Poland Springs, it’ much more delicate, round and pleasantly tart, a little like pears.