Patrick Corbineau (Bourgeuil, Loire)

Blanc ’99: shiitake, melon, salt, resin

Rosé: cab franc

Blanc de Chenin ’07

Rosé: Grolleau, yeast, copper, umami, mineral, milk chocolate, open top grappe entiere then 1.5 yr in foudre

Blanc ’15: stinky, prickly, sugar still fermenting!

Blanc: Sauvignon Blanc, shared cuvée (made with Lawrence), prickly, aromatic, vignes de Stephane

Cab Franc ’15: conquette, fresh, wiry, bright, good structure

Croix Fourcelet ’15: Cab Franc tiny reduction, tannin, deep fruit aroma, epice, dense

Chenin “A” ’15: fruit de føret, pine, fraicheur, roses ^^^^ (soil = argile vert)

Chenin Experimentale/Nouveau: a little “l’oiseau” (VA)

“it’s necessary to have some VA especially in Cab Franc (not Pinot or lighter grapes)”

Chenin ’14: earthy, mineral, vegetal, fruit du føret, de Fouchet (parcel)^^^

Cab Franc ’09: from parcel Epiciere, indian spices, concentrated, brambly

La Cumelle: parcel, not made anymore, higher acid, bright fruit

Cab Franc ’09: Classique, delicieux

Cab Franc ’05: MAG, pressed after 2 days, bottled 2016, later harvest, really good vintage so no risk of rot


*06,07,08,13 bad vintages in Loire


L’Ostal (Puy-Leveque, Cahors)

Louis & Charlotte Pérot

Experimenting with everything from grape varieties, assemblages, maceration times and labels/cuveés (changing every year)

New vineyard site in the works…freshly plowed vineyard site

lots of sand and red clay in this areapre-dinner glass, with the book that inspired Louis to make wine

everyone takes a walk in the old vines through the woods

“Regain”: L’autour (parcel), Duras égrappe (destemmed), giner, gentle acidity, pique, mostly morning forest

2nd L’Autour: same but north facing, maceration & harvest 1 week later

“Baron”: carbonic maceration Malbec ^^^

“Les Trilles”: merlot egrappe 13.5% 0.8 VA buoyant, 1 month maceration^^^^

“Spoon River”: Cøt egrappe 50%, Merlot grappe entiere 50%, 7 days maceration. smells like peonie brine??? nose a little closed but good grip on palate…open up in 6 months?

“Plein Chant L’Ostal”: savory nose, liquorice, herbes, 12%, Malbec fuisse, 3 weeks maceration, gentle pumpover

“La Chouette”: 2015 Merlot, grappe entiere, maceration by foot

“Plein Chant”: Malbec 2013 de grappe, slightly oxidized nose, fruit is dissapearing, tannins soft and present

“Anselme”: 2014 jamon serrano nose, Malbec egrappe, maceration & fermentation in barrel, good acidity, flips barrel, pops top off, labor intensive

home made playdoh carrots!!

La Ferme du Vert (Duras, Gaillac)

Jerome Galaup

local dialect: Occitane

“ecouter les vieux, mais pas trop…” (referring to them throwing 5 kilos of copper in the vineyard, but also generally)

Les Gresignol (surrounding forest)

Soil: “L’Amoreuse” because it sticks and cakes, a compact red clay, needs to be flipped in Nov after harvest

we took a handful of clay and formed a square, put it next to the fire overnight and it baked all the way through. he made the floor tiles for his family’s cabin out of the same clay.

he leaves the weeds because the help de-compact the soil. grass is knee high by harvest. he designed this machine to go between the rows and cut the high grass before november.

Petit Amoreuse: muscadelle, 2g sulpur ajoute, plein d’aroma & body (sept harvest)

Amoreuse: 2008 doux, digestif 110g resid sugar but very high acidity, better than sauternes, botrytis mauzav grapes near river where there’s more humidity (nov harvest)

Lou Gresignol: 2004 l’enfant de la grésignol (forest near house), Marzac 20%, Muscadelle 40%,  Loin de L’Oil (“L’En de L’El) 20% ALL SAME PARCEL

Dinner was several courses of greens and cheese, the dish pictured above which was a stew with veal and pasta. the bricks in the wall around the fire are made from the clay around the property. jerome built their house last year.

Lou Rosato: 2015 light color but deep fruit, gentle acidity, Duras parcel, same as Cado Tsoun, whole cluster fermentation

L’Angelou: 2010 fresh, lees, life, excellent ageing potential Mauzac 100%

Cado Tsoun: 2010 “chaque jour”, Duras parcel, de stremmed, 10 day ferment, removes juice then presses the must again. stemmy, malo unfinished still

Aqui Lou: “here it is”, Prunelat, Braucol (for cab/merlot lovers), intense, dark, almost VA on nose, open tank ferment in oct, elevage 10 mois en cuve a l’air

N’ia Pas: second spontaneous fermentation, L’Angelou but without bubbles Mauzac 100%Best apple pie I’ve ever had!!!! Made by Nathalie 🙂



Le Petit Domaine de Gimios (Saint Jean de Minervois)

Anne Marie et Pierre Lavaysse (minervois, but Vin de Pays)

Cuvee d’amie 2016: “rouge fruit”, aroma, huile de lavande, herbes, wood smoke. traditional vinification, higher abv?

2016 was a very high yield

carignan, mouvedre, grenache, cinsault, alicante, terrette b/g/r

stems will disappear, still en elevage

expose sud

muscat a petit grains -20yr old vines, 2.5 hectares, wild leeks in vineyard

La Garrigue- calcaire, quartz entiere, plants, nitrogen after harvest (cereals)

bought 1 hectare around his vines to preserve and guarantee natural enviroment and encourage biodiversity

very high quality brush (can’t remember what they called it) selected and sold for hearth fires

No sulphur added

thyme, citron, calendula, genet

1865 vines => pre phylloxera

Vielles Vignes Rouge: 13% equilibre, balance, tannin douce, herbes, some acidity, savory

Muscat Sec: fennel, salt, calcaire, mineral, mild filtration

Muscat Demi-Sec: moelleux, deep yellow, petit petillant YUMMM orange blossom, essential oils. 2 week fermentation, cold stop, removes gros lees to avoid bacteria

Petillant Blanc Sec: canteloupe, melon, honeysuckle, 2 fermentation, harvest late August, cold stabilization, 1-2 rackings, bottled immediately after, referments in bottle (methode ancestrale)

Muscat Doux: nutmeg, orange rind, clove

Jeff Coutelou (Puimisson, Languedoc)

“first year, the wine makes the barrique, the next years the barrique makes the wine”

for Jeff it’s easy to excel in range, oxidative, full rich reds, bright whites, vinaigre, incredible savoir-faire, technique TOP. he knows the end result when he looks at the grape.

la PIQUETTE: vin illegal, marc + water refermented!!! 5% abv

2016 blanc: grenache gris, muscat au petit grain, sauv blanc, macabeu. energie, elevage en bas

carignan blanc: malo sur graffé en cenanne 15 yrs?? energiiee

muscat a pt grains: tannin, aroma -> grappe entiere en maceration for 1 month

macabeu: en barrique de bourgogne de chardonnay YUMM

cinsault 5S0: steel tank fermented cement elevage

merlot: some skins & stems

grenache: en epoxy, arome without structure or body fermented 5 jours 😦

syrah: en epoxy, aroma, tannin fermented 5 yrs grapes were wet at harvest

syrah & cinsault: en cement, malo => lactic acid, fizz YUMM

“you look for what you want and thats what you do, nothing else”

grenache a la garrigue #3: YUMMMM

“im not about feeding the masses, but im not a masochist either”

plants, trees, flowers (rose bushes) to create biodiversity around vines every year.

Axel Prufer (Berardieux, Languedoc)

Les Temps Des Cerises

entre Severene et Montaigne Noir

it was a very rainy day so we could only drive up the mountain and get out for a couple minutes. we got drenched. 450m altitude, vines en gobelet, calcaire, quartz, argile, marl blue, corraille (?).

genet, myrte, laurel

carignan, grenache, cinsault, chardonnay

Chardonnay: dolomite schists/calcaire, 35yr old vines (same for all Prufer’s vines, planted at the same time). etoiles in the soil of 15yr Chard

cuveé of vendange tardive + chardonnay jeaune

carignan, cinsault & grenache: cuveé fermented together, reductive on nose but delicious! no problem

ENERGGYYYY in all wines, linear progression in vines and cuveés, clean, good character

*compost throughout all vines soil in October

*puts belladonna in each bottle to calm system/fever when necessary

“there is no definition for natural wine- it is a way of life”

“vinifaction for me starts after maceration”

*oxidative yeast = the STINK



Cyril Fhal (Cotes Catalanes)

macabeau ’15: citron vert, zest, egissé. hard pressing due to grape firmness. malo, mais belle acidité. +carignan blanc (rare) 1 hectare sur commune

grenache gris (L’Ubac): terroir extreme, divers, complexité, floral, sensual, douceur. amplitude, richesse mais aussi finesse, nez tres riche, vine de 3 dimensions, gneiss rock, jasmine, white flowers (chamomile, calendula)

cuveé jeaunes vignes: 20-50ans, florale, coloreé, very low production this year, elements mineraux from terroir

*if there is a deficit of potassium, you can see it in the leaves, indicating also alabsoprtion in the root stocks

*grenache vines are very sensitive. he preferes grenache but it’s finicky. because the vin is more structured this year, he will leave it in barrel for longer.

*8 hectoliters per hectare this year 2016

2015 millesime franchement frais “je me l’en fou”. Bought some syrah from a negos to play with for next year, to secure income for millesime.

Fermentation en grappe entiere, le pressurage/debut de fermentation 1/2 way through fermentation if there is still sugar you leave it, you must continue for longer

6-8 months mis en cuve, 1 an en foudre

carignan: reductive “especial” lol, pas tres sexy quoi

vielles vignes 15: plus animale, rustique, maxi florale. il reste 3 gram de sucre. temp dictates everything, spicy blossmes ripen slower -> gradual ferment, 12 months in barrel, bottled in march

carignan/grenache/quelque blanc 15:

*CARIGNAN is angry and punkish in the beginning but if your are decisive and patient with it…needs LONG ELEVAGE

*GRENACHE only needs short elevage

“profound, complex wines don’t come from extraction, but rather from the terroir”

‘if you are too much of an interventionist, the wine will taste more like the winemaker than the terroir”

rouge L’Ubac: north facing slope, tannin, epicé, resistance and character, joked about drinking in Trump Tower appeasing clients, breathes 4x month

sur lie

sur voile

Alain Castex (Llauro, Roussillon)

Toulousien => Corbieres => Banyuls


Amphora White (experimental) : Macabeau, Grenache Blanc, Vermentino. Fermented & aged in amphora, pressurized sur lie, no maceration.

Escampette (red): Grenache Gris, Syrah, Carignan, Mourvedre, Grenache Noir. 100+ yr old vines for most. Steel tank, racked once. From clay with deep roots. 5-6 day maceration before pressing.

Rosé: millefeuille style! incredibly floral. Macerates several white grapes then adds reds and presses quickly after fermenting to get color. Then adds more reds to increase color.

  • Bottom layer (day 1): muscat, muscadelle d’alexandrie
  • Middle layer (day 2): grenache gris
  • Top layer (day 3): syrah, carignan, mourvedre

Ezo: petit carbo 3 jours, syrah, un petit souris

a removed ppl on an island off Japan

“Au climat, au l’eau, parce que ci, parce que ce la…”

Le Fermage- farm vineyards that don’t belong to you

Magician, incredible sense of balance in wine (and in cuisine), huge hands and long arms, very quiet voice, humble abode with low key incredibly refined palate, loves abstract art and mid 60s jazz, soul, classical, rock plays on record player. lots of books.

“when you remove the skins, that is the moment you know whether or not your wine is good. aromas express so much”.

***ESCA = mushroom that eats/kills vines


  1. La Petit Moustache
  2. Un Souris
  3. The Herd

WINE STYLES (according to Camille)

  • reductive (VA)
  • oxidative (MALO)
  • ballerina (BALANCE)

*no rain, no weather => no VA (0.98 is vinegar)

*compost RESTRUCTURES & NOURISHES the soil (potassium, phosporus and nitrogen) vs. fertilizer FEEDS the soil = il faut mettre les deux

*if no nitrogen in soils, no fermentation. you must rebuild it every year

Dinner: oysters, Jacques Lassaigne Montgieux Blanc des Blanc Extra Brut, Comte (from Tissot), petit saucisson,  and a dish of carrots, potatoes and sweet sausage turned to gold WTF.

Woke up early next morning to do some pruning in the vineyard site for Grenache…