Epic Cab Franc tasting.

2 types of Clos Rougeard (“Clos” and ” Les Poyeaux”) and Amateus Bobi from Sebastien Bobinet. It was incredible to taste Bobi next to Rougeard- it was like teenage lust vs. true love. Bobi was all of a sudden cute, sweet, and lacking any depth. what was that you said? could you say more about that without all the “likes” and “ummmms” and flouncy scented hair? no, i like you, really, you’ll always be cute to me but….i just met the love of my life.

Even more incredible was being able to taste 2 of these bottles side by side, “Les Poyeaux” being a single vineyard and “Clos” a blend. As I understand it, the thing that made LP crazy aromatic was that it was aged in a combination of practically new oak barrels. So this means that the “oak” as I had associated with California does not represent all effects of new oak barrels.

Maybe this has something to do with the (here we go) “terroir” of California, something about the microbes affecting the skins which affect the fermentation process, in turn making it difficult for Californian wines to achieve anything more than sugarjamberrywater. But, the few I liked were aged in old french oak barrels, which gave the sugarjamberrywater some more complexity. Maybe they need eachother: the old and new.

Sorry about the photo, I got excited and this is the only one I have from the whole evening.

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