i found frank! his wine was on my radar for longer than i consciously realized. leafing through some old notes, i found references to “Cornelissen” , “genius” ,”Etna” and “Magma” dating back to 2011. Also, a blurry photo of an excerpt about the vineyard in Italian, taken from a book brought back by my friend Richard Krizirian. it’s mostly his doing that i discovered the Funk: the other kind of wine, the one that doesn’t play nice in the sandbox with Perrier Jouet or Beringer. it’s the kind of thing that makes you rethink everything you ever thought you knew about wine, especially all that stuff they try to throw at you in seminars and training modules. what i mean is, this took me home. i understand the taste, how it makes me feel… and as much as it’s nostalgic, it’s provocative and stimulating. it’s like a best friend and a lover- it tells me all its darkest secrets while remaining a total flirt.

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