Cyril Fhal (Cotes Catalanes)

macabeau ’15: citron vert, zest, egissé. hard pressing due to grape firmness. malo, mais belle acidité. +carignan blanc (rare) 1 hectare sur commune

grenache gris (L’Ubac): terroir extreme, divers, complexité, floral, sensual, douceur. amplitude, richesse mais aussi finesse, nez tres riche, vine de 3 dimensions, gneiss rock, jasmine, white flowers (chamomile, calendula)

cuveé jeaunes vignes: 20-50ans, florale, coloreé, very low production this year, elements mineraux from terroir

*if there is a deficit of potassium, you can see it in the leaves, indicating also alabsoprtion in the root stocks

*grenache vines are very sensitive. he preferes grenache but it’s finicky. because the vin is more structured this year, he will leave it in barrel for longer.

*8 hectoliters per hectare this year 2016

2015 millesime franchement frais “je me l’en fou”. Bought some syrah from a negos to play with for next year, to secure income for millesime.

Fermentation en grappe entiere, le pressurage/debut de fermentation 1/2 way through fermentation if there is still sugar you leave it, you must continue for longer

6-8 months mis en cuve, 1 an en foudre

carignan: reductive “especial” lol, pas tres sexy quoi

vielles vignes 15: plus animale, rustique, maxi florale. il reste 3 gram de sucre. temp dictates everything, spicy blossmes ripen slower -> gradual ferment, 12 months in barrel, bottled in march

carignan/grenache/quelque blanc 15:

*CARIGNAN is angry and punkish in the beginning but if your are decisive and patient with it…needs LONG ELEVAGE

*GRENACHE only needs short elevage

“profound, complex wines don’t come from extraction, but rather from the terroir”

‘if you are too much of an interventionist, the wine will taste more like the winemaker than the terroir”

rouge L’Ubac: north facing slope, tannin, epicé, resistance and character, joked about drinking in Trump Tower appeasing clients, breathes 4x month

sur lie

sur voile

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